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Our History

Our Mission


Sapere Art was developed by Gary W. Marr, himself an emerging artist who prefers to go with the flow, use varied mediums, change genres from day to day and not follow instructors’ suggestions.  People say he has a great eye for Art and choosing what to show.

A former 30 year veteran of catering and visual design in special events and meeting planning, Gary took his past experience, adding his passions  in design, helping others and art and wishes to surpass even his own dreams.

Gary paints intuitively or from inspiration, ranging from highly detailed to modern and contemporary as well as encompassing a broad and contemporary palette.  Mediums used run the gamut in paint, pastel, charcoal and graphite...with a new interest in metal.  Gary also has designed all graphics, this web site and all advertising .

He is joined by hand selected Artists from the vast artistic communities of Chicago and the Midwest, and selected just for being different, a need to be seen , pushing their talents, and  for being “good people”.

Only meant to be a side business while contemplating his future.  Sapere Art was transferred to one of the artists in January 2011 wehn Gary returned to “Corporate America” and the next phase of life.  Sapere lives on however, through networking and keeping in touch with the market for a re-emergence someday sooner or later!

To provide talented artists to our clients, while providing sales and marketing for artists who are under-represented or emerging.

 Its not worth it if you can’t make a difference to the world we live in and peoples’ in our lives. Besides that - its about learning something new, having the courage to learn it, and having a blast along the way!

Sapere is the Latin word meaning “to know”, “to taste”, “to perceive”. Other words derived from it are “savvy”, “savant”, “sage”.  So, you use your perceptions to taste and to know a little bit more about our artists as they bubble up ideas and take them into reality.  Come experience the art!

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